Alfonsina Betancourt

Alfonsina is a realist painter based in Norwalk CT.  Originally from Venezuela, she combines her passion for representational art with her careful contemplation of the world around her. From figures and portraits to landscapes, her work shows the relationship between the artist and her subjects, the pass of time and the interpretation of reality.  Alfonsina's work is not merely a rendition of what she sees but also of what she feels. Her work is highly chromatic and introspective.

After earning a Bachelor's degree in Visual Arts from Pine Manor College, she has taken classes and workshops with several artists including Jeremy Lipking, Steven Assael and Dean Fisher. Her works are currently  in private collection in several countries.

Alfonsina is in the board of directors of the New Haven Paint and Clay Club.



As an artist, I cannot escape the desire to delight in the beauty that surrounds me, not only the obvious one, but the one that hides behind contained eyes, in expressive hands, in those stories that cannot be expressed with words, in a pot of feelings that boils beneath the surface.  I approach art as a careful and meditative observer and I use it to tell the stories that I start unveiling in the time I spend with my subjects, always with curiosity and kindness towards them.

I look for presence in my work, each image representing not a fleeting moment but a representation of somebody’s existence, as if they had stayed there for hours, years, many lives. Capturing their essence, the spirit, what lasts.

I enjoy the physical quality of paint to narrate those stories. My images are full of chroma, texture and light, moving oil paints with both freshness and impact. Often, each layer of the painting  reveals a different quality of my subject, and also a change of my perception of them. My goal is to express beauty, not only physical but spiritual and inspire the viewer by evoking sensory experiences, feelings and thoughts that connect them to the most common aspects of our humanity.