Happy valentine’s day!

Thinking today that in this era of fact checking, google, wikipedia, bias media, even Alexa, there is only one place where the facts are not as important as the perceived truths: relationships. In every relationship bonded by love and/or affection what we do and what we say does not hold most value if is not aligned with how it is perceived. We can be as good as we think we are, as loyal as we strive for, as affectionate as a teddy bear, but if the other end does not perceive it as that, then the message gets lost in translation. So for all the lovers out there, don’t be content with sending the right message. Make sure it arrives safely to your intended destination. Let’s this be the day we not only send love notes, but that we tend to the hearts of those we love. Happy Valentine’s day to all the lovers, to all the friends and to all who are brave enough to love fiercely. May love follow you wherever you go!

I am leaving here one of favorite love quotes feom the movie Don Juan de Marco.