I love how the universe works and never leaves a thread loose....

While I have spent several hours in the studio lately trying to finish my latest painting, I have been going through several audiobooks. Today, half an hour before I had to put the brushes down I decided to start another one, “synchrodestiny” by Depak Chopra. I smiled when ten minutes into it I heard a quote that had appeared on the last chapter of the book I had just finished. Coincidence? Perhaps.

I left in a run to drop my daughter off. I soon realized I had 10 extra minutes before my yoga class and that I could stop by really quick and buy something I needed at a store I love but I haven’t visited in months.

  When I was done, proud of my efficiency, the cashier asked me for my last name, then my name. “Alfonsina,” I said. She stopped and then got away from the computer with watery eyes.

“You won’t believe this, but I don’t even know why your name came up on the system two hours ago. I know it is not the same, but my dad’d name was Alphonsus, and we have been going through several things in my family and I though that was a way for him to tell me he was around. I miss him so much!” she said trembling.

What is most surprising is that I have been thinking about my dad a lot lately too, wishing I could get his advise and ran a few ideas by him and just give him a hug, specially this week because tomorrow is the 13th anniversary since he left. I also left the store with watery eyes but a big smile on my face.

Synchronicities? Maybe. Whatever it is I take it because coincidences today made two girls who miss their dads really happy.

Thanks universe!



Me and my dad a couple of years before he started his brave battle against cancer.