Faith and perseverance

Lessons from the easel: today while working on an alla prima portrait that started really bad I started thinking how in painting as in life there are two neecesary elements in order to achieve something: faith and perseverence. The first one (and I am not talking about religious faith specifically) keeps us going when at first things seem odd (like the first layers of my painting today). Then perseverence keeps us going. They both need each other the same way cars (traditional cars at least) need electricity to start and gas to keep it moving. Thanks to both I did not wipe down the painting, something I am glad I didn't. And then when I got home I found out that a water bottle rolled all through the panel and ruin it, which taught me that even with faith and perseverence sometimes the results may end up being different than what we expected...and that is OK.

originally written 1/17/14